Winter Emergency Kit

Or: Oh, the weather outside is weather…

Okay, let’s get real…we both know I’m a subpar/inconsistent blogger, but we also know you don’t want to read crappy “OH GOD I JUST NEED TO WRITE SOMETHING” content. I THINK THIS IS A GOOD COMPROMISE.


It’s the first (official) day of winter, and though California winters are not a big deal in the least, I want to equip my home/vehicle with necessary emergency accoutrements for the winter season. Lord knows we need the snow/rain/sleet/precipitation/anything? So, if our rain dances, prayers and pleas continue to be answered and we get more weather, I won’t complain….but I will protect myself against the potentiality of it, dammit.

Since, I make regular ski trips to the nearby slopes, so this kit will probably just live in my car in perpetuity (or until I dig out all the good snacks…whichever comes first).


Without further ado…here are the contents of my homespun winter vehicle emergency kit…


  • Snow Chains (not pictured above)
  • 2 cans of pop-top chili
  • A couple of Clif Bars
  • A huge tub of trail mix
  • Bottled water (not pictured)
  • Flashlight (mine is battery free-charges by being wound)
  • Multi-tool (mine isn’t Leatherman brand, but obviously that’s a perfect fit)
  • Extra socks, mittens/gloves, hats, jacket, pants (anything that you can fit)
  • Waterproof matches
  • Hand & Toe Warmers
  • First Aid Kit
  • Tissues/Toilet Paper
  • Cleaning Wipes


So, there’s really no super intense step by step here, other than to say, that there’s a fine line between preparing for an emergency and completely over preparing…and I’m pretty sure I did the latter. BUT in my mind – better safe than sorry!


Most of this stuff I got at Target, or I already had (first aid kits, snow chains, giant tub). Total, we spent about $60, but that included $30 on a pre-packed vehicle kit specifically (Made by AAA – jumper cables, reflectors, tire gauge, etc – not pictured.)

As I mentioned earlier, I drive up to snowy areas quite a bit, which is the reason I carry snow-prep stuff, but depending on where you live (flooding issues, wind, etc) you can definitely adjust the contents to suit your needs!

So, I also keep non-clumping clay based kitty litter in the trunk of my car. IT’S NOT THAT WEIRD, I SWEAR. I did a bit of research, because a couple of years ago my car got stuck in snow, and 5 of my lovely friends and I who were on the trip together had to dig it out. It might have helped if we had something to throw down that would have given the tires some traction! Of course, salt is overall better as it will both melt snow AND create traction, but there are some environmental impacts associated with winter salt usage  – here’s more info so you don’t think I’m completely crazy.


Are you excited for winter? How do you prepare yourself/house/vehicle for inclement weather?

Stay safe — happy holidays!




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