Accidental Kitty Cat Desk Photoshoot

Or: Hold still, just right there, just one more shot, oh no, wait go back, oh ugh why can’t you understand me?!? MEOW MEOW FREAKING MEOW. 

Getting this camera has really changed the nature of my relationship between my cat and I. 

This past Sunday, I woke up at an ungodly hour (because why not) and took a stab at updating my personal website (full of all sorts of professional/academic nuggets about me) which hadn’t really been updated in a while.

I’ve been told by about every manager I’ve ever had, that keeping an updated resume/personal website, is the best favor that you can do for yourself, so I figured why not! Let’s throw future Shelby a softball. (Don’t worry, I’m getting to the cat tie-in).


Whilst perusing other marketing/social media/copywriting type professional websites, I noticed a running motif that I really loved — some sort of personal design touch. And though, of course, my site is built on the lovely WordPress utilizing an available theme (much like my blog, you lucky readers, you), I still saw a great opportunity to add a little personal touch with a personally crafted pseudo stock photo-esque headline image. Plus, it gave me the chance to practice some of my photography skills, and show them off on my site! (You see where I’m going with this don’t you…). 

I grabbed a favorite mug, cleared off my desk, and placed just my MacBook Air, and my glasses on it — you know, for creativity and such. Then, I started taking a few shots.


Pretty good, so far — getting the keyboard in was key (HA) along with my friendly little hello sunshine mug – brightening up the shot, and giving it that little bit of interesting/young professional element.

You know, lest anyone forget I’m a young professional in marketing. This really hammers it home.

I liked the photo above very much, but thought maybe adjusting the angle would help?


Of course at that exact moment that I felt I may have found the best angle, Gwen promptly sought to discover the mysteries of the coffee mug.


Spoiler alert, little one — it’s empty.

I sent these images to my photographer mother – thinking she might laugh and commiserate about the search for the perfect shot. And she suggested something so brilliant. So amazing. I thought, clearly this is where I get it from.

She said…why don’t you try to include the cat in the final shot?

I told you. Mind. Blown.

So I waited…rather impatiently, until Gwen jumped back up and sat next to my laptop on the desk (you know, for that casual/candid style). And that’s when I made my move!

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 10.22.39 PM

See early comments regarding cat wrangling


I can’t deny that she’s an awfully cute little cat, and I got a little distracted taking pictures of her sweet little face! BUT, in the end, I shot the perfect photo (below), did a little Photoshop magic, and voilà!


The perfect headline photo — shows off my favorite writing companion, location and caffeine container (sold @ Old Navy, in store only – sorry online shoppers!). AND, in the final web edits, I added my personal logo and first/last name right square in the middle of the image. It fit perfectly!

It just goes to show you that your favorite little distractions can be the sweetest little surprise!

And also, that my mother is brilliant — but we already knew that.

Oh! And after many hours of editing, my personal website/portfolio came out great. Thanks for asking…






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