Back in the Saddle

Or: Yeaaaaah, Buddy: Kicking Off My Quarter Life Crisis

So, my dear non-existent readers, the prodigal writer returns. Back, and more full of mid-twenties angst, student loan debt, overpriced lattes, and red wine than ever.


Let’s do this.

Times like this call for a quick life catch up, just so we all get the full effect of what we’re dealing with here, before I jump into a series of what’s likely to be poorly executed recipes, attempts at DIY, and botched travel blogs.

Since last we spoke in March 2015…

  • I took an amazing marketing job at a winery – never has there been a better fit
  • I moved home for a hot minute to save for grad school – suffice it to say, this was an excellent decision, yet not one I intend on repeating
  • I started grad school – more on this, probably one of the best choices I’ve ever made
  • I moved out of the house, and into an apartment with A and Gwen
  • I took a life changing week and a half long trip to Milan for exploring and international business workshops through my MBA program – see grad school notes
  • Que Quarter Life Crisis, introspection and a LOT of wondering what I want out of life (and how to get it, once I figure it out)
  • A & I decided to go our separate ways
  • I bought a lot of self help books and wine, started looking for a very patient therapist, and started my “before I’m 30” list

SO….there’s that.

The ins and outs of my breakup are between A & I, but I will say that he’s a wonderful human being in every way, and I think we both have a lot of room to grow and learn.

How do I even move forward with this? 

Basically, expect no schedule, posts of varying frequency and quality, and a complete hot mess.

But I’m back, you beautiful SOBs.






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