G.A.W. Style Obsession: K’s Closet Tips

Or: Closet Organization: Part 1 of ??

Friends, I present to you, Guest  Blogger and my BFF, K (no, I couldn’t get rid of her – SORRYYYY… JK, K pleasedon’tleaveme.)

Welcome to the first part of this exciting new series. I am not sure how many parts will be in the series. The answer is: HOWEVER MANY IT DAMN-WELL TAKES. (Or however many times GAW will keep inviting me back).

So here’s the deal: You have too much crap crammed into that closet of yours. I know you do. And if you are anything like me and enjoy frequently bringing new items home, this means that at some point, the older stuff needs to leave. It’s just science.


The key to having an organized and usable closet is to only display currently wearable items that you love. And now you are thinking: Who are you and what do you know? You have more crap that you don’t need than any of us. Yes, you’re right. I probably do. However, I have recently gotten better at this “purging” component so hopefully my advice will help you not be as much of a hoarder.

So now let’s talk about your closet.

Step 1:

For starters, to tackle this project, you have to be in the right state of mind. You  know what I’m talking about. You have to be in a “chucker” mode. You have to set aside a decent amount of time. You don’t have to do this all at once, but you will still want to give yourself at least a couple of hours to get it going. Also, avoid any distractions/pitfalls. I recall a certain time GAW had strong ambitions of cleaning out her closet one evening, only to be thwarted by a bottle of wine…Yellow Tail I suspect. (K, YOU SAY THAT LIKE IT’S A BAD THING–GAW).Don’t be like that. 


Step 2:

Pull everything out of your closet that is not immediately wearable. This means things that are not wearable for the current season (think pea coats in summer), things that do not fit, or things that you just generally don’t wear. Take all that crap and dump it on your bed (clean off any cat hair first). See, don’t you feel better already?

Step 3:

Here comes the fun (not fun) part. Go through items both on your bed and remaining in your closet one at a time. Try them on if you must. You will be putting each thing into one of four piles: Toss, Donate, Sell, Keep.

Toss: Anything damaged, ripped, stained or otherwise unwearable. Ask yourself, would you buy this at a second hand store in its current condition? If not, throw it out.

Donate: Anything that shows some wear, but overall looks pretty good. Pro Tip: Find a charity you are passionate about to donate to. For me, that is animal charities.

Sell: Anything in excellent or like-new condition. (Come back next time for some tips for selling your used clothes)

Keep: Awesome, good condition, items that you will wear. These items should make you feel amazing and confident when you wear them.

Step 4:

Take anything you’ve decided to keep that is out of season, or doesn’t currently fit and find somewhere else to put it besides hanging in your closet. If you have a guest bedroom closet where you can store stuff, great. If not, consider storing it in boxes either under your bed, on high shelves of your closet, or tucked away on the floor of your closet. I really love these canvas boxes from IKEA. I also recommend throwing a couple of moth ball packets in these boxes to prevent these items from looking like swiss cheese next time you grab them.  

Let’s talk about that stuff that doesn’t fit you right now.

#RealTalk. Accept the fact that some stuff from your past is probably not going to fit you again. And that’s okay. We can’t all be walking around being our scrawny 18 year old selves. It’s not right. Over time, filling out a bit is going to happen, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I don’t want to live in a society where all adult women are built like Kiera Knightly. No thank you please. With that in mind, don’t be afraid to let go of stuff that is too small. Think about this: if you ever become thin again, you will want to go buy yourself a new wardrobe anyways instead of wearing your old crap. Now go back through that “too small” pile and get rid of more stuff.

I know that some people say don’t keep anything that doesn’t currently fit you, but I disagree with that. I am guilty of letting my weight vary and subsequently going up and down a size or two in each direction. I found that it works for me to hold on to the items I really love that are 1 size bigger or smaller. However, it is important to only keep nice, quality items that you like. Get rid of cheap crappy stuff that doesn’t look that good anyways. I will condone holding onto things like nice jeans, dresses you really love, etc. For example, if I put on a few pounds after the holidays, I like to be able to find a pair of jeans that fit me, without having to go to the store and waste a bunch of money. So I say: keep items you really love if they are within in attainable size. I’m talking one size difference from your current size.


Now that everything too big, too small, or out of season is hidden from view, you should be feeling a lot better. When you look in your closet, you should be presented only with things that you could wear in the immediate future. Also, you should have a big pile of toss, donate and sell items. Good job. Now go have some wine.





G.A.W. Style Obsession: Pointed Toe Flats

Dearest readers,

As promised, I present to you the literary style-ings (THE PUNS CANNOT BE STOPPED) of the always brilliant, classy and hilarious, K. I’ll see you early next week with some food.

Love, G.A.W.


Something awful happened last weekend.

One of my favorite pairs of shoes, a pair of leopard pointed toe flats, finally bit the dust. For those of you who know how much I love my shoes, I’m sure you can imagine it was a sad moment at Casa K. I gave them a proper burial in the kitchen garbage, said goodbye, and was left wondering—WHY does everything always happen to ME???


After, contemplating pulling them out of the garbage about five times (I COULD FIX THEM), K Man finally took the trash bag outside.

Suddenly I knew what needed to be done. I immediately began perusing the internet. I went to Poshmark, which is a fantastic website for buying and selling clothing. I found a new pair of Mossimo flats that I was able to scoop up for $10.

Once this emotional void in my life had been filled once again, I realized just how much I NEED pointed toe flats and how versatile they are in wardrobe. Fortunately, there are tons of adorable styles out there for spring…

Here are several essentials:


Clockwise from Left: Animal Print (Mossimo, similar); Studded (American Eagle); Metallic (Cosmopolitan, similar); Fun Detail (Sam & Libby); D’Orsay (Sam & Libby)

These bad boys go with everything: skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, work trousers, a pencil skirt, even a maxi skirt—BECAUSE WHY THE HELL NOT. They are dressy enough for the office, yet casual enough (and comfortable enough) for running errands on the weekend. Don’t believe me?


Watch and learn:







Animal Print

Animal Print

Fun Detail

Fun Detail

Thanks to my BFF G.A.W for letting me contribute a post to this awesome blog, which what I can tell so far includes lots of gifs and swearing.

I hope to continue to contribute to this adventure.